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Santa's Workshop




By Paula Isaacs

Supplies needed for main structure: 
Mat Board, sharp knife, ruler, glue, wood (maybe 1/8 square or something similar to support the loft), strip wood or card stock or scrapbook paper to trim the divider wall door and to create exterior window sills, acrylic paints, glue and wallpaper paste, “snow” – artificial snow or spackle, a base for the workshop, landscaping items … twigs and sticks, greenery

See the separate instructions for the optional fireplace and chimney.

Ho Ho Ho!   Santa Claus is coming to town.   Where does he do his work before he slips down your chimney?   He and the elves are always hard at work at the North Pole at Santa's Workshop, making lists and checking them twice.  

Whether you've been naughty or nice, here's your chance to be part of the North Pole experience.   Is the loft where the elves sleep or is it storage?   Does Santa have a desk?  A comfy chair by the fire?  Is there a large work table covered with toys and stuff?   Is there paint all over the floor or are the elves neat and tidy?  Make your own version of Santa's Workshop and please share how you finished it.

Instructions and Graphics will be posted on
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  on (or about) November 15th.

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